Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Uh oh.

This article SPELLS BAD NEWS!! for chiefs fans.

If you're going to bring up assists as a primary reason not to run, how do you leave out Mark Teahen? For shizzle's sake, Josh Hamilton has missed 3 years being high and then almost a month THIS season and still is talked about? That's ridiculous. Mark Teahen BEATS OUT everyone in assists in 2007 but Michael Cuddyer... WHO ALSO ISN"T ON THAT LIST? WHY THE FRIG DO PEOPLE HATE ON THE ROYALS?! IS IT BAD FOR BUSINESS? IF THERE WAS AN ALTERNATIVE TO espn, I'D BOYCOTT THAT WHOLE DAMN WEBSITE.

Let's hope Sports Illustrated comes on strong....

Everyone freak out. for the second straight start in a row, JP Howell has pitched dominantly into the 7th inning... I guess the PRESSURE COOKER of KC really got to him. Maybe he just feels at home with the alligators?


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