Thursday, June 21, 2007

Do Dreams Come True?

Rumbling along•
Life with Peter Angelos, Part 1: True story: The Orioles' entirebaseball-operations department first heard about Angelos' decision tohire Andy MacPhail when they read Buster Olney's story on

Life with Peter Angelos, Part 2: Obviously, MacPhail never would havetaken this job if Angelos hadn't promised him he'd have nearly fullautonomy. But one baseball official who has known Angelos for years told Rumblings: "I still question whether he'll let Andy do what'snecessary. Andy will do a great job there if Peter lets him do hisjob. But Peter is Peter. So I doubt it." But another baseball man whohas worked with Angelos says, "I know everyone is skeptical that he'llreally relinquish the reins. But I honestly think he's had enough. Ithink the losing finally got to him."

Life with Peter Angelos, Part 3: One friend of Joe Girardi toldRumblings this week: "If Joe were to ask me whether he should takethis job, I'd tell him he's nuts. I just can't see him working forPeter Angelos. I'd tell him to wait for a better job."Girardi's buddies in the game say the one job he'd be interested inbesides the Yankees, Mets and Cubs would surprise you. It's theRoyals, if Buddy Bell ever gets fired, because of Girardi's respectfor GM Dayton Moore.

This is the important part, b/c one HAS to believe Bell will be fired for his ineptitudes after this season (or sooner if he's smart) and go after a young gun in Girardi now! ESPECIALLY SINCE HE JUST TURNED DOWN THE ORIOLES JOB!!

For those that are fans of Girardi and the Royals, but not fans of firing the manager midseason, let's pose this scenario. It is widely known that Girardi is being prepped for the Yankee job (along with others currently in the organization), which fine, except that Torre's tenure will probably end this season. If Girardi is DM's guy (which there is NO indication that he is), why not gauge his interest now in the job, and if there is a good feeling, hire Girardi now. Think of a bidding war for the managerial rights b/t the Yankees and the Royals. Money almost always wins.

Get him cheap now and get the ball moving on getting those who are on board for Girardi this season and then really start something special next.


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