Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I don't want to jinx our guys, but I am really encouraged by the Royals' play lately. Many would say that a 10-9 record against the national league was just OK. However, I think that the Royals put together a good streak, especially in pulling out that last win over the Brewers to get that 10-9 record was just good baseball. We need something to cling to. A positive note to add confidence and build team unity. That road trip did that. We were able to pull off some great things. Of course we should have had an extra win in St. Louis, and we didn't show up the first two games of the Milwaukee series. However, look at what it has done to this team. We have gone into Anaheim and taken the first TWO games from the Angels. This is the WEST LEADING Angels. The team with the American League BEST home record. A team on FIRE. And the Royals stroll in with some confidence and have a good solid game on Monday, and just a good old fashion butt-kicking 12 to 4 win on Tuesday. Even if we lose the last game (which I truly think we could sweep (knock-on-wood)), we have to have some confidence in playing such good ball. Putting forth good effort. We still may not get a lot of credit from sports analysts, and aren't going to contend for the wild-card or division, but we are headed in the right direction and this is just one fan hoping that this is a sign of the bright future of the organization.

Royal Blue, signing out...


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