Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Startling Stats

Let us start with some basics; oftentimes, it's desirable for a starter to go 5 or more innings. If these stats aren't reasons for these pitchers to get shifted to the bullpen then....

Ace: Scott Elarton - Better than expected; performing well.
SP #2: Joe Mays
-Wins/Losses - 0/4
-K/BB - 9/14
-38 hits, 27 earned runs
-Innings Pitched - 23.2
-Homeruns Allowed - 7
Sp # 3: Jeremy Affelt
-Wins/Losses- 1/2
-K/BB - 13/11
-22 hits, 13 earned runs
-Innings Pitched - 18.2
-Homers - 2
SP#4: Mark Redman
-W/L - 0/2
-K/BB - 9/10
-23 hits, 14 earned runs
-Innings - 18
-Homers - 2
And finally! Our true, true Ace, didn't start in the Majors because he was too fat and lazy. There's confidence!
SP #5: Runelvys Hernandez
-W/L - 1/1
-K/BB - 4/1
-4 hits, 4 earned runs
-Innings - 13.2
-Homers - 3
-This is a very disconcerting number for the amount of innings he's pitched, meaning his success will DEFINITELY not last.

Ladies and Gents, Season ticket holders of all ages... This is your starting rotation, meant to contend with the 2005 World Champs and the rising stars of the Midwest... the Cleveland Indians. Maybe the only saving grace in this rotation is that we didn't sign Paul Byrd (above 7.00 ERA).


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