Monday, July 02, 2007

Good God, Y'all!

I love these guys. I really have seen so much improvement (even with the losses to the Chisox). Especially in Gordon (thank the gods) and my man, Joey Gathright. Has anyone else noticed just how great this guy has been? Sure his defense is a little shaky... but keep in mind he's always been a CF - so he's got the mentality to go after EVERYTHING. He'll get there eventually. But offensively he's been in the middle of almost every scoring opportunity - that's HUGE! I think this guy is going to be our permanent lead-off hitter starting at some point next season.

Oh, and in response to previous posts - I'm cool with Girardi over Bell mid-season (I'm tired of Bell's crappy post-game statements and lazy attitude), and Teahen did get completely snubbed on the best arms in the game thing (it felt like the line about high assists doesn't mean you have a great arm was justifying leaving him off). And if you want to talk about great plays that put you in the upper-echelon, how about catching a lazy foul ball in mid-right field running full speed to your left and throwing completely off-balance and turned around (while still flying to the left) and gunning down a runner tagging for home by a few steps (not just barely)... I don't remember who the guy was running, but he wasn't a Cecil Fielder type, he could run. So, Teahen, know that we love you and know that you could out throw just about anyone out there... just keep proving the god-forsaken, east coast bias, Yankee butt-kissing, Royal ignoring, low life, (exploitive deleted) for brains media wrong, because their time will come, and so will yours my friend.

brandx (let's go punch someone at espn in the face)