Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We'll miss you

This is coming extremely late, and for that I apologize. I wasn't sure what I wanted or needed to say and even now I hope I don't screw this up, but I have to say something. This world is a darker place without Buck O'Neil. The fact that O'Neil wasn't inducted into the Hall of Fame during his life will always mar the Hall and baseball in general. It is a disgrace to everyone involved with baseball at any level. The man has done more for the sport than every player in the Hall combined, without question. I have to say that I agree with Posnanski's article in the Star today, with regards to how O'Neil should be honored by the Hall. If they induct him now then it will be an even bigger slap in the face to O'Neil and his legacy. They need to name an award after him and help support the Negro Leagues Museum. That would be the one way that the Hall could make up for a blunder as massive as this one. I also hope that the Royals will place O'Neil in the Royals' Hall of Fame. Again, this man has done too much for baseball to not be recognized. Maybe his contribution to the Royals was not the same as those that are in the Hall... but indirectly, he has done as much for the Royals as anyone. As for the rest of us... we need to do our part too. The best way for us to repay O'Neil is to continue to support the Negro League Museum and to continue providing baseball to kids everywhere. And not the kind of baseball that's being peddled by parents and leagues today. Not this 'winning is everything' that has created a hostile, steroid using environment. We need to promote a game that is based on fun. Play baseball because you lave to play baseball, and always work to get better. Sure winning is more fun than losing, but there is more to life than winning a game. So, goodbye Buck O'Neil. Although I never got a chance to meet you I have respected you more than just about anyone. I hope that we can make you proud, and continue to fight for the things you believed in... the things we should all believe in. Thank you for everything, we'll miss you.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

And there he goes...

Guess we won't make that 3 year window it takes to judge a trade. It was a small, but welcome blurb (even though I was high on Wood for a long time) that he was claimed off waivers by the Rangers. They can have him. One of two things will happen: 1) he will shake the curse of the royals and stop underachieving OR 2) he actually IS an underachiever and will continue to be so in Texas. We probably should have known, Billy Beane is a smart man and the ONLY reason he got rid of Teahen is b/c a healthy Chavez is an awesome Chavez (though I bet he wishes he still had Teahen in the minors during the season, providing Chavez needed recuperation time).

Read for their comments on the Royals 40 Man Roster. Interesting, if sad, stuff. The team just doesn't look good enough at this point to make me happy about next year. There are too many unknowns that need to occur before I get excited; mainly, Brown needs to be traded, Reggie needs to be traded, Teahen needs to be traded, Redman needs to sign elsewhere, and we need to get better pitching/position player prospects for Teahen. I'd say semi-major league ready (or at least ready to work it out in the majors next year), and a shortstop. If Berroa can have a renaissance, then good for him. I'm just not sure I'm willing to wait next year.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm proud of my Royals, I really am. With all the injuries to end the season it's a real step in the right direction for them to only lose 100 games and sweep the Tigers out of first place. I really do believe this team is finally headed in the right direction and that in the next few years we may even be contending for a playoff spot. We have some stellar young bats and gloves and some promise of good pitching. I can only assume that in the coming months Moore will make moves to further insure that our pitching will be solid for years to come. GO ROYALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!