Thursday, September 28, 2006

wow... wow... wow... wow (x25)

so here it is... we lost 100 games. i'm not completely upset because, let's face it... we should've lost 100 games about two and a half weeks ago considering their early woes. but the bummer is that we should not have lost this game. and is anyone going to save a game for Hudson, i mean this guy is our best starting pitcher and he can't catch a break from anyone. our offense won't score runs for him and our bullpen refuses to protect any lead he gives us. we were given at least three opportunities in the last couple of innings to win this thing and we couldn't do it. oh well, i am excited for next year, because we have shown a lot of promise of late. on a positive note... did anyone see that freaking curveball that Hudson threw to cassillo (sp?) ?!?!?!? that thing was amazing. it stayed over the plate until right when cassillo (sp?) decided to swing and then it suddenly hit him in the leg... AMAZING!!!! i love Hudson... sign him to a multi-year contract Moore, please... Please... PLEASE!!!!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Miracles from Wed., Sept 20


1) While I have not read the SI article about Alex Rodriguez, it did arrive in my mail around 11 AM. For our mailman, this is a very early time, I think the sports god was giving me a chance to read it before the news hit ESPN... though sadly, I did not have time.

2) While loving John Kruk like an uncle (and I miss Harold like a long-lost grandfather), I was glad to see that he did not pull a gun in the first segment of Baseball Tonight and shoot the cameraman while RANTING about Alex Rodriguez. Again, I love John Kruk, but IF I EVER HEAR THE F'IN WORDS, "THROWN UNDER A BUS" AGAIN, I may do John's dirty work... ON HIM. There are 2 phrases that ESPN uses waaaaay too much (thrown "under a bus" was said not only by Kruk 30xs during his two rants (1 at 6ish and 1 at 11ish), but also by ESPN newscasters talking about Jeff Fisher and Billy Volek), which are "thrown under the bus"(obviously) and "vanilla." Now, I won't be a hypocrite, my beloved KC STAR used it waaay too many times during the preseason to talk about the play of the Chiefs D. I think vanilla is the DUMBEST way to describe something, especially when you say or write it 10xs in a segment.

3) Odalis Perez finally pitched like Dayton may have hoped (7IP, 1ER, 1BB, 3K), just in time for him to get another start before we are left to wonder about his skill for next year. Thanks Odalis, thanks.

4) MIRACLE FOUR: I restate the MIRACLE FOUR b/c we are all going to sit down and think of a new "thrown under a bus" phrase b/c I'm tired of hearing people talk about "being thrown under a bus." I mean, saying I threw my best friend "under a bus" doesn't really make total sense. If I did "throw him under a bus," he'd be dead and little children would be screaming. I TRULY think there is a better phrase than "thrown under a bus." For instance, let's get back to some Shakespeare prhaseology like: Alex Rodriguez Machiavellian acts were despicable or he "stabbed his teammates in the back," though this one may also be similar to throwing your buddy "under a bus" since "stabbing" your buddy "in the back" will probably puncture a lung or kidney and most likely kill him; albeit, a little slower than being "thrown and run over 'by a bus.'"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees did it again..........I HATE 'EM, I HATE 'EM, I HATE 'EM!!!!

On a side note, I do love the fact that Axel Rod-Ri-Gweez is having to stomach some tough love, the Yankees need to learn that you can't just have a team of All-Stars work perfectly.

Thats all I got.

The Notorious TKD signging off.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


If I were a woman I'd be trying to have Ryan Shealy's babies right now. This kid is going to be amazing for a long time. Talk about an exciting offensive weapon! YOWZAH!!!!

brandx (who is not gay, but is man enough to admit when a man is good looking... Sean Connery for example, he just ages well)

Post Game Comments from

Even if Odalis Perez doesn't pan out, at least he's honest:

"Perez believes that he, Runelvys Hernandez, Luke Hudson, Jorge De La Rosa, Scott Elarton and Mark Redman -- if he returns -- can form the basis of a solid rotation.

'The only weakness is the bullpen,' he said. 'In the offseason if we can get a good closer, long relief and a setup guy, we're going to be competitive.'"

I know this last comment made me bust out laughing at work, allowing people to make odd faces at me. I say if he doesn't pan out make him the manager! He's not a PC-idiot, at least he's willing to say it like it is and not worry about hurting the guy's feelings in the bullpen.

Though I must say, I'd be comfortable (but not ecstatic) with Joe Nelson as the closer. If FA closers are too expensive, don't blow the money for a transition year, continue to develop a closer (Braun, Nunez, Burgos) in AAA or use one as a setup man for a year in the Majors.

Doing what we should

Go Royals! Three things were accomplished last night: 1) Redman finally pitched like before when he was on a hot streak (I forgive 2 runs at the end b/c of his high pitch count, he probably shouldn't have been out there, and we have a 7-2 lead at the time), 2) the Royals are no longer baseball's worst team (overtook J.P. Howell's loss with the Devil Rays to pull a 1/2 game ahead), and 3) they beat a beatable pitcher. How many times have the Royals faced a rookie or veteran with a 5+ ERA and lost 5-1 or something similar. Well, they are finally manhandling bad pitchers. For instance, Piniero came in with a 5+ ERA and they got 4 R off him in 4 IP. This is significant. As a bad team playing above average (at least offensively), a fan would expect the offense, at least, to decimate opposing bad pitching. Whether we achieve a win is another matter.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jake Plummer

HA HA! Jake Plummer continues to be heralded for having a few good years when he is mostly a bad player. He showed this again last week with 3 interceptions. He has no in-game savvy. Remember, when he threw left-handed into the end zone against the Chiefs and it was intercepted? It is plays like this that would have me shipping Jake out of Denver in a heartbeat. Your leader cannot make stupid decisions such as this and the only times I really see him play well, are against the Chiefs b/c they cannot handle his bootleg ability (the one thing he excels at). Don't get me wrong, I hate the Broncos, but I despise Jake Plummer so much more that I am actually root for them to can him. I'd rather see them win with Jay Cutler than to see his name in the starter's position every week.

Phillip Rivers

I was disappointed that he had as good a game as he did. Sure, they babied him in his first NFL opener, but I had hoped he would flounder. Though Eli was the hated punk who didn't want to play for the Chargers, I find myself liking him more than Phillip. This is unfortunate, since he seems like a good guy and an able QB (just like Drew Brees). And though I should hate the Chargers, I find myself rooting for them (except against the Chiefs). I hope Rivers continues to develop and turn into a superstar, just as I hope Drew Brees comes back from injury and lead New Orleans to some wins.

Aaron Brooks

What makes me happy is that the hated Raiders continue to make bad decisions, further hindering their development. They have nothing to offer in any aspect of the game. They are old, inept, and have poor management. Only Al Davis, in his infinite senility would pickup Aaron Brooks as a starting QB. Sure, Brooks had some years that were productive, but mostly he has squandered his talent with poor play and a bad attitude... a perfect fit for the Raiders and Warren Sapp.

Good luck Al, as long as you still make decisions, that is one less team we have to worry about in the West.

Trent Green

W/o Trent Green, I find this season over before the second game. Damon doesn't inspire confidence in me that he can lead the Chiefs to wins. He may not make mistakes and he may have good statistics, but this team is totally different (with different play calls, as Herm has admitted) which doesn't seem to be a positive for this team. Truly, I am more worried about the offense at this point than the defense. Once the defense plays a few games together and gets a sense for the other cogs on their side of the field, I think the defense will rank mid-teens overall (which is a realistic jump with this personnel and Gunther under command).

I agree with other media personnel that have publicly shamed Carl Peterson for not investing in a known product as backup. Clearly, this o-line was going to be shaky w/o Roaf or Welbourn and Trent was due for an injury at some point. I think we, as fans, have taken it for granted that an o-line should never allow a pass rusher behind them. I think we lived under a fairy tale the past few years. Most offensive lines in the league cannot even compare to what we had... and it was unrealistic to believe we could keep up that level of production. Now, our o-line is average and we knew that going into the season... except Carl was too worried about getting Roaf back to examine possible backup options.

If I were Carl, I would have looked for a mobile, and semi-proven backup. Trent Green's days may be finished if this line doesn't step up to above average. Don't get me wrong, Trent is pretty mobile for certain plays, but we cannot expect a 36 year old to run like Mike Vick, which is what he'll have to do with this o-line. It's time to invest in a QB that has played in the NFL before.

To me, QBs are the exact opposite of MLB pitchers. They are overpriced and over-hyped and an ill-investment in baseball. While QBs may be overpriced, you know what you are getting. Let some other team try them out, then trade for or sign at FA. Developing your own QB is a risky business in the NFL. I would rather focus on WR, lineman, LB... OR, if a team plans to draft a QB, it should be mandatory that they play in the CFL or some other league. Sometimes, sitting on the sideline is helpful (Palmer), but for most QBs, I would want them to see action as close to what they'll get in the NFL as soon as possible and let them learn under pressure. Therefore, don't draft a guy and assume he'll make your backup spot. Instead, sign a free agent QB as a backup and allow your prospect to develop in the "minors," so to speak.

Minor Leauge Humdrum

Corpus Christi took 3 out of 5 from the Wranglers. As an average watcher of the Wranglers and an AVID watcher of the prospects, I was disappointed on both fronts. The Wranglers scored 17 runs in 4 games (4.25 runs/game), which, if you are getting decent - good pitching, should be enough. That was the trouble for the Wranglers; they were all offense and from other role players. Gordon hit an astounding .258 while Butler hit .200. Chris Lubanski managed a paltry .360 while former prospect Dee Brown hit .438. This isn't what miffs me though. However we scored 17 runs, our pitching/defense gave up 29 runs (7.25 runs/game) and though the defense only gave up 1 error, it's hard to say whether some plays were the pitcher or defenses fault without having seen the games in person. What IS encouraging our pitchers only gave up 1 HR and it wasn't even one of the major prospects. What is NOT encouraging is that only Billy Buckner survived, and thrived!, through more than a few innings (7 IP, 1BB, 8SO, 1ER). Otherwise, Zack Greinke, Tyler Lumdsen, and Luke Hochevar combined to give up (16 R (15ER) in 8.2 IP). Zack pitched 6IP (6ER), Tyler allowed 3 ER, 4R in .2IP, and Luke gave up 6 ER in 2IP. This is a staggering issue since many media types and fans are counting on seeing these guys thrive in the big leagues at some point (if not all of) next year.

We can say they are young and under pressure to perform like they haven't been asked before, but at some point, these guys need to take the next step. For every Texas League Championship Game, that's 162 game in the Major Leagues. The pressure is always there and that's why these guys do what they do and why I don't do what they do. They are used to the pressure and need to step up. Granted, each could have had a bad day, every good pitcher has a bad pitching performance, but GREAT pitchers find a way to get through innings, if only to eat them up and have the offense come alive later.

At this point, I don't see enough to think that any of these guys will make the big leagues next year out of spring training. Fortunately, there is winter ball, Zack is coming to the bigs today and may pitch lights out for the rest of the season, and/or over the winter, these guys may mature, find the 6th gear, etc. Much can happen in 7 months.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


wow people, get excited about this chiefs team, they are going to be great... can't you feel my excitment... i hope you're all catching my sarcasm. i really feel bad for Trent Green, but it looks like he's going to be ok. my concern, though is not his play... it is the overall team play and attitude. i mean, wasn't edwards supposed to make this team aggressive and defensive? i didn't see any of that... i saw a team with less heart than any year in recent memory. they were out there collecting a paycheck. i wasn't sold on edwards when we signed him and i am even less thrilled with him now. hey, here's an idea... you have to have a lead to play as conservative an offense as edwards wants to play. without the lead you have to conserve the clock, then once you're in the lead you can waste time all you want. and where was the d? they looked as bad, if not worse, than the d under Vermeil. so much for 'hiding' some stuff during the preseason... you showed everyone then what you are now... crap, complete and utter crap... our offense was out of sinc (sorry Trent, not your fault) and our defense was lousy and weak... here's to another season with no postseason hopes... way to go king carl.

brandx (i only capitalize the names of people i respect... wait, what does that say about how i feel about myself?)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


hernandez, mediocre again. sigh.

3BB, 3K, 1HR, 5 ER

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wow... hmmm... Fat Head? Jeremy Giambi?

Sad to think that by now, we could have had a series win if our bullpen didn't suck last night. I can forgive Gobble (he's had more good than bad outings as a BP pitcher, though not as a starter). I cannot forgive Buddy Bell for giving this game away. With a struggling pitcher, what compels you to bring in Scott Dohmann (who was extra trash thrown in with Shealy; I was for Dohmann getting a chance, but he has shown Jack and Shit), Andrew "meatball sub" Sisco, and then 'the worst blow job I've seen/felt in months" Burgos. Have some pride and bring in (god, i hate to say it) Peralta or Wellemeyer (Bell got smart tonight and did just that! and, WHAT?!, saved the bullpen too? I almost believe that Bell got divine intervention... and I'm an atheist!).

There are so many things to say. First, in an article today, someone went through next years closers and someone else finally agrees with me! Leo Nunez was picked by him, and me, to be next years closer with a 97MPH fastball and pitching well in the minors. He's young and has room to grow, unlike Joe Nelson (who's been above average closing this year and if worst came to worse, I'd be cool with him for awhile next year).

Back to Bell. For awhile I had been advocating Bell for next year, only b/c we'd probably suck again and save lots of money by keeping Baird's crap and let guys play through their contracts (Bell for instance); see earlier post for this discussion. But things in my life, a,nd TKDs smart post, have led me back to the campaign. I am back to saying I may advocate Moore's firing next year if he keeps Bell. Bell clearly does not work well with struggling youngsters and/or trying to win ballgames. Maybe leaving guys in is his way of developing character and ability, but it makes him look like an idiot and makes the players look even worse than they are. Maybe it's his use of them... it's too late in the evening to look at this hypothesis. Players say they like him, he's a players manager. Well, it seems to me that there would be a player's manager out there that can win. Granted, our talent isn't on par with the Marlins, but 2003 and this year's Marlins show that young, above average talent CAN win.

Bell has no attitude. This team flounders under his verbage. Joe Giradi would be an interesting choice. A now, semi-proven coach that seems to maximize youth, something Bell does not. While I am enjoying Moore's trades (they are showing enough promise to make me think he's onto something), I am also enjoying his patience. Let's not sacrifice next year to have shit come out of our potential youth. It would be horrible to have them come up and fail. That pressure from the owner, manager, fans, would probably crush these guys' wills and spirits since EVERYONE and their pussycat know that the BRIGHT future lies with this talent. Well, what happens if they fail... or fail b/c they are rushed? Then we go from a 2-3 year plan to a 5-10 year plan.

That said, it is clear that Moore has gotten enough talent on this team to win some games. Let's not get silly with our hopes and dreams. Next year, they will not be a playoff team. Next year they could be a 70 win team though, with the talent they have. Granted, they'll have to have Teahen playing well again, Sweeney/Shealy hitting the ball hard, Grudz continuing to play well, and Elarton to supplement De La Rosa, Hudson (hoping he's not a 1-year wonder), Perez, and Hernandez (sigh)/Wood/Gobble/Unknown.

They need to figure out their bullpen though. I like that Moore recently said that we need more pitching. I'd like to assume he meant Major League ready and minor league talent. Sisco just isn't cutting it and I would not be sad to see him go. Burgos needs a year in the minors. Wellemeyer, Peralta, Gobble, Wood, Braun, and Nelson may be something to work around. Can there be a more uninteresting team to cheer for though?

Probably not.

Just an observation

Women seem to think that Derek Jeter is such an attractive man... he's not... he has a fat head, seriously, look at him... he has a fat head.

brandx (also an unnattractive man who can "smell his own" so to speak)

"Fair" Thee Well

I have two things to "rant" on tonight quickly.

Farewell Mark Teahen. We had a bit of a speedbumb in the beginning of the season, but for the last three months you have been the freaking man. Batting over three hundred, killing the ball, and being the only truly feared hitter on the team. And then to top it all off, doing while injured (enough to even need surgery). You are going to be a great player, and there are those out there (hmm hmmm RoyalsRevival?) who doubt you, but I have no doubts that you have won over your teammates, the fans, and this city with your unbelievably gutsy play and determination to overcome. So I wish you best and hope that you come back next year that much better and determined. You have won this guy over as a fan.

I say farewell to Buddy Bell. I am officially campaigning for Joe Girardi. Jeffrey Loria in Florida is an ass if he fires Girardi.....BUT I say PLEASE O' PLEASE DO IT! Look at what that guy and his staff have done! We are a young team, and we are not flourishing, nor will we flourish under Bell. So I hope Dayton you are reading this because all I can say is the minute, the second, the microsecond, hell the nanosecond Girardi is fired from the Marlins, fire Bell's ass and pay Girardi whatever the hell he wants to come and take this team. He could be the best thing to happen to this franchise since.......well since Teahen came back a freaking stud this year (Had to just drop that one in). So here it is, my official leap into the campaign for Girardi.

"Let go of Bell so we can Party with Girardi!"

This is the Notorious TKD signing out.

Monday, September 04, 2006


I HATE THE YANKEES. 'Nuf said. I hate them because they win by buying a team, and their pitching is always their weak spot... so they lose in the playoffs. But the reason I hate them more than any is their freaking fans... I HATE F*CKING YANKEES FANS. They come out in droves and talk sh*t like they are so cool because they root for a team that everyone else roots for because they have more money than anyone else. Case and point: tonight's game. The Yankees are somehow pulling off a win (by a lot) after Hudson held them to 1 run over 7 innings and the Royals had a 4 run lead. The thing that gets me is how many Yankees fans are out at that game though. There was more cheering when the Yankees suddenly found their offense than with anything that the Royals did. That just sucks... I understand that the Royals have had a rough couple of years, but throw me a bone and show some backbone you pathetic pieces of crap that call yourselves baseball fans... at least root for a team that deserves it (Detroit, Mets) not a piece of sh*t team that is destroying baseball. I have no respect for any of you.

brandx (I have nothing against old-school Yankees fans, the team has wonderful history that I both like and respect, these are people who stuck by the Yankees through the 80's [look it up if you're scratching your head] everyone who jumped on the bandwagon since then can kiss my ass)